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 While most of our photographs are now on our smartphones or online on social media, it’s still nice to have a physical photo you can hang on the refrigerator or put in a photo album. Many options exist for printing photos – from large traditional printers to laser printers to kiosks at the pharmacy, but this Portable Bluetooth Printer can produce great images on the go with lightning quick print speeds and superior print quality!

This mini pocket printer is the ultimate handheld, portable printer. It’s ultra-lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand and uses thermal printing technology to print high quality images that you’ll love!

 ⭐ MAKE YOUR BEST MOMENTS COME TO LIFE   Bring your greatest memories back and cherish them forever by printing them directly from your phone, in an instant! Then get creativity! 

 SAFE – We designed the Pocket Printer to be universally friendly so it can be used by children and adults, made to be safe to change thermal rolls and no ink mess.

⭐COMPACT  On the go! Awesome because our Pocket Printer works on a battery, you do not need a power cable and you can take the Novaco Pocket Printer anywhere you go!

⭐HASSLE FREE INK-LESS  –  Immediately print photos anywhere any time and save money by never having to buy ink cartridges. The Pocket Printer uses heat technology to print. Ink is never used and no additional costs are added. 

⭐CONNECT SEAMLESSLY – Connect any smartphone, tablet, or laptop easily and quickly with Bluetooth!

Package Includes

1 x POS Thermal Picture Photo Printer
1 x Roll Coil Paper
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Thermal Printing Technology

The Novaco Pocket Printer uses thermal printing technology to print perfect black and white images and texts on paper quickly and efficiently. Because no ink is involved, you never have to risk smudging an important note or picture.

No Ink Required

Save a fortune by not having to constantly buy expensive ink cartridges. Printing on our Sticker Paper and Thermal Paper instead saves you time and money! This camera comes with six extra rolls as well.


Print Right From Your Smartphone

Easily connect this printer to your phone through the app. Select your picture and get a crisp vivid image printed in seconds! The app is available for all IOS and Android devices. Printing has never been more mobile or more convenient.